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See How We Create a Customized Cleaning Plan for You

Here at Commercial Building Service, we have invested in the latest technologies to assure that your business sparkles. We’re proud to use CleanTelligent® Software to track our performance. CleanTelligent® allows us to prepare a custom template of your facility, our supervisors use these templates to produce inspections of our work. The inspections are turned over to the staff on location to reinforce good work habits and maintain a high standard of cleaning.


With this state-of-the-art program, you’re able to submit requests quickly by computer or smart phone to reach the appropriate personnel at Commercial Building Service. We’re able to track issues and response times, and CleanTelligent® offers a graphical analysis of our performance.


Telephone Timekeeping

Our employees are required to call in and call out from your location using our telephone timekeeping system. This insures we are spending the agreed to amount of time at your facility and you are getting the services you are paying for. Should an employee fail to call in our system alerts the appropriate staff so that we can rectify the situation immediately.


We want to exceed your expectations! Call Commercial Building Service today and see the difference the correct tools can make.

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