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Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Regina

We specialize in commercial office cleaning services. Here is a complete list of our services:


Monthly Contract Cleaning

We offer monthly cleaning at reasonable prices, whether you require once a week touch up to your small office space or 5, 6 or 7 day a week nightly cleaning. Service includes but is not limited to sweep & wash hard surface flooring, vacuum carpeted areas, empty garbage, clean & disinfect washrooms.


Floor Refinishing

Whether it’s a one time job or part of our floor care program, let our floor care experts bring back that dull floor to its original condition. We are experienced in all floor types from your basic VCT tile, ceramic or marble surfaces and offer many levels of care. Spray & Buff back your floor to remove that winter buildup or completely remove the old wax and apply new.


Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpets are made to withstand a lot of punishment, but they still need to be cleaned! We provide hot water extraction & stain removal services for commercial office space.


Supplies & Paper Products

Are you paying too much for you supplies? It’s simple, we take care of 30 buildings and have the buying power to help save you money. Tired of running out of toilet paper, paper towels or hand soap? We can help. Who better to know what you need in the building than those that are replacing these products on a nightly basis.

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